Preparing for a competitive exam like CAT is no joke, and you must be extremely dedicated. Professionals from Study Break Academy in Kolkata can help you learn the different shortcuts for approaching and solving a problem. 

If your main goal is to crack the exam and pursue the career of your dreams, you need to start CAT preparation as soon as possible. Well, Quantitative Aptitude in CAT can be a scoring subject. 

To score well in the Quantitative Aptitude section, you must be very skilled in Maths. However, don’t be worried because if you practice well, solving questions from the Quantitative Aptitude section will always be easy. Professionals from Study Break Academy in Kolkata can help you learn the different shortcuts for approaching and solving a problem. 

Quantitative Aptitude Section in CAT

In the CAT exam, you need to be very careful with approaching and solving a question since it can get you in the top colleges of India like IIM Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and more. Since you need to brush up on your Mathematical skills, you can focus on chapters like Algebra, Mensuration, Trigonometry, and Modern Maths. Around 22 questions are asked in the CAT exams from these chapters. 

How to Prepare for a Quant Exam? – Study Break Academy Tips

If you are dedicated and practicing regularly, scoring good marks in a Quantitative exam will always be easy. Some of the key strategies that you can follow for Quant preparation for the CAT 2023 exam are:

Learn Shortcuts and Tricks

One of the most efficient tricks to score good marks in the Quant exam is to know all the shortcuts and tricks. These tricks can save you precious time while solving the questions. You must know that you’re racing against the clock when appearing for the CAT exam. 

CAT is a speed-based test, so the faster you are, the higher your chances of getting into it. Since Quant is the last section of the exam, your speed of answering the questions might be affected. So, even if you have a calculator in front of you, rely on your brain. At Study Break Academy in Kolkata, you can learn these tricks and shortcuts with the snap of your fingers. 

Learn the Basics

The basics of the Quant section are essential for your exam. Based on the trends of past years, the syllabus for the Quant section in the CAT exam is very much limited to what you learn till the Class 10 level. While you may think that’s simple, it is not. The questions are easy to answer if you’re putting your basic understanding to work. 

You must brush up on your basics from the start and then move to practice the hard parts. This can take some time, but it will eventually come to work. 


No other strategy works better than regular practicing. Rather than memorizing the concepts of Quant, you must consider practicing the questions. Regular practice will help in developing your long-term memory. This will also help in increasing your speed of answering the questions. 

Practicing questions from the Quant section for the CAT exams is said to build your stamina for exams. Consider using the previous year’s question papers to practice for the Quant section. It will also help you get an idea of the type of questions asked in the exam. 

Take Mock Tests

You can take the mock tests for the Quant section. After you are done with your exam preparation, taking the mock tests will help you become familiar with the exam pattern and structure. Once you know these, you can improve your speed and accuracy while writing the answers. 

As a CAT aspirant, you must take a mock test at least every week. This will help you get exposure to the quant section clearly. You can also access the official mock test CAT, often released a month before the exam. Taking the official mock test is advisable to stay prepared for the exam. 

Question Selection

Unlike the other sections, there are no non-MCQ sections, and there is always a risk of negative marking in the Quant section. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful with your preparation. While taking the CAT exam, you must ensure that you choose the right questions to answer the exams. 

The more you practice sectional CAT mock tests, the easier it becomes to ensure better selection. It is advisable to choose the questions from sections that you are the strongest in to avoid negative marks. 

Study Break Academy Bonus Tip : Use On-screen Calculator

You will be provided with an on-screen calculator for the quant section in the CAT exam. It is advisable to learn how to use the calculator. You can practice your systems on how to get the most from using the online calculator. 

Along with on-screen calculator use, you must also develop mental calculation skills. These will help you keep track of the entire preparation schedule. If you are not skilled enough in this area, your mentors can guide you through the process.


The Quant section in Maths is more about mental coaching. Therefore, relying on mental learning can be critical in increasing your chances of scoring well in exams. For this purpose, you need the guidance of experts who have been in the field for a long time. Professional tutors at Study Break Academy bring the best of learning to the Quant section. With various questions, you can dive deeper into learning about these sections on your own.