Writing Assessment Tests

Writing Assessment Tests
What is a writing assessment test?

A writing assessment test is a short (10 to 30 minute) writing test to evaluate the general knowledge, analyze the writing skills and understand the clarity of thought process of the aspirants. It can be termed as something similar to an essay writing test where aspirants have to effectively communicate their ideas on a particular topic in writing in a given time frame.

Who conducts writing assessment tests?

Almost all colleges, both in India and abroad, and all organizations conduct writing assessment tests in some form or the other. Famous writing assessment tests are Written Ability Tests (WAT) conducted by IIMs and all other b-schools, Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)tests in GMAT and GRE and Descriptive Writing in many government tests.

What is evaluated in writing assessment tests?

Mainly five things are evaluated in writing assessment tests:

  • Whether you are generally aware of things and can associate them with the topics at hand logically.
  • Whether you can take a neutral stance and put forward a clear line of thought in a structured manner.
  • Whether you can think on your feet, analytically to design a well-structured and to the point essay on the given topic.
  • Whether you can think creatively and voice your creative ideas with precision in writing.
  • Whether you can write in English at the basic level and convey your ideas in the language appropriately without making blatant mistakes.
Five Points to Remember
  1. It is mainly your awareness about general topics and current affairs and your analytical thinking that is checked in writing assessment tests.
  2. Always divide your essay into introduction, body and conclusion – it helps in your precise delivery and the evaluators’ easy understanding.
  3. Avoid criticizing anyone or any organization directly, bursting out in emotions or blaming things on others, especially on the system.
  4. Never hover over the gray areas of ethics, morals or the law – any indication of even slightly supporting the unethical, the immoral or the illegal (especially in writing) ends your process then and there.
  5. Only lots of practice under the tutelage of experienced mentors can help you sail through a writing assessment test.
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