Case Discussion

Case Discussion
What is a case discussion?

A case discussion is a form of group discussion. In this, a case (i.e., a social, familial, ethical, managerial, financial problem or issue) is given and the group needs to discuss the alternate solutions and decide on the best possible solution which benefits the maximum number of people and harms the minimum number of people.

Who conducts case discussions?

Almost all colleges and organizations have conducted case discussions and group discussions alternately as a part of their admission processes. Very often, they are conducted during campus recruitments in colleges and internal promotions in organizations.

What is evaluated in case discussions?

Mainly five things are evaluated in case discussions:

  • Whether you can recognize problems based on priority and severity, identify the stakeholders and decision makers, weigh alternative courses of action and choose the most win-win one among them.
  • Whether you can communicate your ideas in a group, both verbally and non-verbally.
  • Whether you know the etiquettes of group behaviour, and if you are ethical, moral and law-abiding.
  • Whether you can speak in English at the basic level and convey your ideas appropriately.
  • Whether you can show certain leadership and management traits if the situation arises.
Five Points to Remember
  1. Most of the time, the group falls short on time and cannot reach the conclusion of the case discussion – Remember the evaluators are not checking if you have provided the best solutions, but your performance all through.
  2. A case discussion is a formal occasion which must follow a certain broad procedure – Do your homework before you appear for it.
  3. Avoid one-on-one conversations, vengeful answers or pointing your finger, criticizingor making faces at others.
  4. Remember a case discussion is an evaluation process – focus on how the moderators are evaluating of your performance and not on proving your point or replying to a cocksure participant.
  5. Only lots of practice under the tutelage of experienced mentors can help you sail through a case discussion.
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