Over the past few years, Data Interpretation in CAT preparation has changed significantly. Currently, the Data Interpretation section of the CAT exam has around 8-10 questions within the Quantitative Aptitude section. 

The Data Interpretation section had an organized data section, but now it has come to unorganized data. However, in this section, some things remain unchanged, including the calculation and understanding of the program. If you’re facing challenges on how to approach the Data Interpretation section of CAT, you should join a coaching class in Kolkata at Study Break Academy

Challenges of Data Interpretation Section In CAT preparation

This section is one of the most important yet challenging sections of the CAT exam. This section has always been calculation intensive. As a candidate appearing for the CAT exam, you must learn about the different types of bar graphs and charts. 

Since there are 8-10 questions, you can understand the section, overcome the challenges and prepare for the exam accordingly. Some of the challenges that students often complain about facing in the Data Interpretation section are as follows:

Understanding the Data

Data Interpretation is one of the most challenging sections of the CAT exam. Many need help understanding the data itself, which is the most important data interpretation section. The data in this section is often presented in different formats like charts, graphs, diagrams and tables. These, however, could be clearer to interpret in the initial sections. Aspirants often struggle to identify the main points equivalent to relevant data extraction. 

If you need help with data management, you must get help from expert tutors. Mentors at Study Break Academy provide the best CAT preparation in Kolkata. Since the aspirants learn a wide range of things, they can easily understand how to proceed. It will also make it easier for them to understand the data interpretation process. When aspirants are able to understand the data, they will be able to implement the strategies appropriately. 

Time Management

Although the Data Interpretation section has only 8-10 questions, time management is crucial. The faster you answer questions from these sections, the sooner you can score marks. The aspirants must identify the important points of the data quickly. Once they do, they should proceed to find relevant information. Anyone needing time management help will likely provide complete and correct answers. Therefore, negative marks will lead to poor marks. 

Since time management is crucial, whether you join an offline or online CAT course, you will always be taught this. With proper time management, aspirants can easily avoid any negative impact. Based on that, they will be able to learn how to solve problems within a respective time efficiently. 

Calculation Error

Data interpretation is extremely complicated if the aspirants do not answer the questions. Aspirants preparing for CAT will need to conduct complicated questions regarding ratios, averages and percentages. One small calculation in error can provide incorrect answers. This can lead to negative markings, which can lead to poor scores. 

When you join a CAT coaching centre in Kolkata, the risk of calculation error reduces. Since you will be under the guidance of expert tutors for CAT preparation in Kolkata, you can expect to receive the best knowledge. This will play an important role in overcoming the various calculation errors. 

Lack of Practice During CAT preparation

The key to understanding the concepts of data interpretation is practice. Many aspirants need to practice properly, which is why they aren’t able to solve the problems in the data interpretation section. Data Interpretation is one of those sections that require aspirants to be dedicated. They must be patient and practice all the questions. This will help them become familiar with different formats and data. If there is a lack of practice, there will be lower scores. This can be problematic, especially in terms of data interpretation. 

At Study Break Academy, aspirants get to indulge in proper practising. They can learn various aspects important for solving problems. Furthermore, they can take mock tests and practice questions to help leverage their learning easily. 

Incomplete Information

Ambiguous information can be quite problematic and will not bring results. Sometimes, data in the Data Interpretation section must be completed or clarified. This can lead to the aspirants needing clarification. Moreover, this half information can make it tough for individuals to interpret the data. It will also make it tough to answer the questions.   

Expert mentors at Study Break Academy teach the aspirants how to overcome the challenge of solving ambiguous information. This plays an important role in understanding the concepts and simplifying the entire problem-solving process. 


Facing challenges in the Data Interpretation section is no big deal. When you join a coaching center for CAT preparation in Kolkata, like Study Break Academy, they will help you address the elephant in the room. With proper practice and concentration, candidates can approach the problems. This will allow them to score marks in the exam in an efficient manner. Since the Data Interpretation section is extremely important, you can learn a lot from Study Break quickly. 

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