Group Interviews

Group Interviews
What is a group interview?

A group interview is a formal discussion between a single interviewer or a group of interviewers (professors of colleges, employees of organizations, industry recruitment experts, alumni etc. ) and a group of interviewees (aspirants). The purpose of a group interview is to understand if the interviewees feel comfortable answering difficult questions in a group and to do comparative analyses of the capabilities of a group of seemingly similarly-equipped aspirants.

Who conducts group interviews?

Many jobs especially those requiring regular brainstorming, negotiations, raw sales and suchlike demand group interviews. So many organizations include group interviews in their recruitment processes. Many b-schools conduct group interviews or may resort to one without prior intimation. The group interviews conducted by S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research for their admission processes are well-known.

What is evaluated in group interviews?

Group interviews mainly ask questions related to your personality, academics, work and general awareness, but the focus is on:

  • whether you can answer these questions in the presence of other aspirants.
  • whether you can answer common questions quicker than other aspirants.
  • whether you have enough tact to stand out and make your mark in crowd.
  • whether you can handle the pressure of people snatching away the limelight and return with a bang.
Five Points to Remember
  1. The interviewers want to select you and that’s the reason why you are in the interview in the first place. So, do not panic and try to answer questions judiciously.
  2. There may be some common questions that others answer quicker than you do. Do not worry, you will get your chance to make your mark too. Be alert and ready.
  3. Interviewers may target you with a flurry of questions that you cannot answer. Remember that they are not checking your knowledge there, but your ability to handle pressure. Keep calm and answer as many questions as you can.
  4. The stakes are really high and everyone will try their best. You too put your best foot forward without trying to show other’s wrong answers or shouting them down. Your positives can get you the seat… not other’s negatives.
  5. Group interviewsare considered more stressful than regular personal interviews and only a mentor with optimal knowledge and many years of experience can help you ace them.
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