Are you a working professional who aspires to pursue an MBA degree through CAT coaching center from one of the top-notch B-schools in India? You must have heard of the CAT exam, which is considered the gateway to elite IIMs and other prestigious MBA institutes. But the question is, how do you prepare for CAT without sacrificing your job and compromising on your responsibilities?

We understand that working and studying simultaneously can be quite challenging, but it’s possible. In fact, with the proper preparation, it can be a rewarding experience that enhances your skills and adds value to your career. At Study Break Academy, you can explore some tips and tricks to help you effectively balance your work and CAT preparation. From knowing the syllabus to getting help from peers, we have covered everything. 

Tips to Prepare for CAT without Quitting Your Job Through CAT Coaching Center

You can prepare for CAT without quitting your job, too; here are some of the prominent tips to follow:

Know the Syllabus

Knowing the syllabus is the first step towards preparing for any exam. It is essential to understand the topics and subtopics that are included in the CAT syllabus. The CAT syllabus covers quantitative aptitude, verbal ability and reading comprehension, data interpretation, and logical reasoning. You can start by creating a list of all the topics and subtopics and prioritize them based on your strengths and weaknesses. Once you have identified your areas of strength and weakness, you can allocate more time to the weaker areas.

Be Familiar with the Latest Exam Pattern

The CAT exam pattern changes every year. It is essential to be aware of the latest exam pattern, including the number of sections, the exam duration, the number of questions, and the marking scheme. This will help you to manage your time better and reduce the chances of surprises on the exam day. You can visit the official CAT website for the latest exam pattern information.

Study after Work Hours

Working professionals need more time to prepare for the CAT. Therefore, it is essential to make the most of the time you have after work hours. You can create a study schedule that works for you and stick to it. You can allocate a few hours every day after work to study. It is essential to be consistent and stay focused on other activities.

Join an Online CAT Coaching Center

Joining an online CAT coaching center in Kolkata with Study Break Academy can benefit working professionals. Online coaching centers offer flexible schedules; you can attend classes from anywhere. Online coaching centers also provide study materials and mock tests to help you better prepare for the exam. You can choose a coaching center that fits your budget and offers personalized attention.

Start Preparing a Year Before the Exam

Preparing for the CAT requires time and effort. It is advisable to start preparing a year before the exam. This will give you enough time to cover the syllabus thoroughly, practice mock tests, and revise. Starting early will also help you to manage your time better. You can create a study plan that covers all the topics and subtopics and stick to it.

Take Help from Social Media to Study

Social media can be a useful tool to help you prepare for CAT. You can join groups and communities on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to interact with other CAT aspirants and exchange study materials and tips. You can also follow CAT preparation pages on Instagram and Twitter for regular updates and study tips. Social media can help you to stay motivated and connected with other aspirants.

Practice from Previous Year’s Papers

Practicing from previous years’ papers is an essential part of CAT preparation. It will help you to understand the exam pattern, the type of questions asked, and the difficulty level of the exam. Solving previous years’ papers will also help you to improve your time management skills and reduce exam anxiety. You can also analyze your performance and identify areas that need more attention.

Use Reference Books

Reference books can be helpful in CAT preparation. There are many books available in the market that cover the CAT syllabus thoroughly. You can choose books based on your strengths and weaknesses. It is advisable to read books written by renowned authors and publishers. Reference books help you to understand concepts better and provide additional practice questions.


Preparing for the CAT while working requires dedication, consistency, and effective time management. Knowing the syllabus, being familiar with the latest exam pattern, studying after work hours, joining an online CAT coaching center, starting preparation a year before the exam, taking help from social media to study, applying what you learn at your job to study, practicing from previous year papers, using reference books, and taking help from peers can help you to prepare better for the exam. It is essential to create a study plan that works for you and stick to it, stay motivated, and not get distracted by other activities. With the right mindset and guidance from Study Break Academy, you can crack CAT and achieve your career goals.