Are you planning to get into one of the top MBA colleges in India? In that case, you need to strengthen your preparation for the CAT exams. Students would suggest that CAT is a tough nut to crack, but it isn’t. If you are disciplined and streamlining your preparation, you can ace it. Let’s focus on CAT Preparation Online Coaching.

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If you want to ace the CAT exams, you must study from the best books, get into the best coaching classes, and dedicate your time to students. It would help if you studied as per the planned approach. This will make it easier for you to prepare for the CAT exams. If you’re looking for an ultimate guide to studying and preparing for CAT, keep reading further to get some valuable resources. 

CAT Exam Sections: CAT Preparation Online Coaching

CAT (Common Admission Test) is one of the toughest exams in India. It is challenging and requires the aspirant to dedicate at least seven to eight hours daily to score good marks. When appearing for the CAT exam, you must know that the syllabus isn’t vast. Moreover, CAT examination preparation in Kolkata isn’t about mugging up the formulas but understanding how to approach a problem.

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You can score good marks if you start your preparation at least a year before the exam. To ace your CAT exams, you need to crack three sections:

  • Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC)
  • Quantitative Aptitude (QA)
  • Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR)

As an aspirant for the CAT exam, you must also know the timeline. Depending on the timeline, you can easily enhance your learning curve. Here’s the timeline for CAT 2023 that will help you with easy and fast preparation:

  • The CAT 2023 exams are scheduled for the fourth week of November 2023. 
  • Check the notification, as it will likely be released during the last week of July 2023. 
  • The CAT 2023 result will likely be delivered in the first week of January 2023. However, this tentative schedule might change depending on the evaluation.

Latest CAT Exam Pattern

Because of the pandemic, the CAT exam saw major changes in the exam pattern. Aspirants appearing for the CAT 2023 exam must know the syllabus and exam pattern. Currently, CAT 2023 will follow the same pattern as CAT 2023. The time allotted for each section will be 40 minutes. 

Click here to find more details about the recent changes and exam patterns of the CAT 2023 exam.

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CAT Preparation Through Coaching: CAT Preparation Online Coaching

Since CAT is highly competitive, it can be helpful to take tips from experts in the industry. Starting coaching with professionals at coaching classes like Study Break Academy can play an important role in easing preparation. Study Break Academy Kolkata professionals can assist the candidates in effectively preparing for the exam. Since the mentors are experts here, they can assist in being familiar with the tricks that make the acing exam significant here. There is a possibility of CAT Preparation Online Coaching as well.

Study Break Academy can leverage your preparation in wonderful ways if you are looking for the best CAT coaching center in Kolkata. Starting your exam preparation with the coaching center can help you learn as per the best tips. Below are a few benefits of preparing for the CAT exam through a coaching center in Kolkata:

  • Structured Course Content

When you start your preparation from an esteemed coaching center in Kolkata, you will get structured content covering all the important chapters and topics for CAT exam preparation. The course content is structured so that the aspirants build a strong foundation of the particular topic before moving on to the new one. It helps them strengthen their preparation and save time too. 

  • Expert Faculty

Study Break Academy in Kolkata has expert faculty to help students with CAT exam preparation. They know the exam pattern, marking scheme, and syllabus, which will help the aspirants streamline their preparation. 

Well, these aren’t all. Do you want to know more about the benefits of starting CAT preparation from a coaching center? Click here to read more.

CAT Preparation Through Self-Study: CAT Preparation Online Coaching

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Aspirants who wish to excel in the CAT exam need to join the best coaching center in Kolkata. Well, apart from joining the institute, the aspirants also need to focus on self-study. Self-study can pave the way for candidates to prepare in an easy-to-understand manner. When candidates study on their own, they get to understand the common mistakes they make and how they can avoid them. Plus, depending on that, they can take suggestions from their tutors. It is also very much possible to undergo CAT Preparation Online Coaching.

Below are a few preparation tips that the candidates can embrace and start their exam preparation to ace the exams. 

  • Create a study plan: One common preparation tip for all the aspiring toppers is that they follow a study plan. Having a study plan aids a lot in self-study. This is mostly helpful because you will be able to identify how you should be preparing for the exam and how much time you should be dedicating to each section. 
  • Know the Exam Pattern and Syllabus: Can you ever prepare for the exam in a streamlined manner if you aren’t aware of the pattern and syllabus? One of the most crucial tips for streamlining competitive exam preparation is to be familiar with the pattern and syllabus. Depending on this, the aspirant can just divide their schedule and understand on which topic they must focus more. As and when they identify the time-consuming topics, they can just prepare accordingly. 
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When you’re indulging in self-study, there are a lot of things you must know. Read more about the self-study tips here. 

CAT Preparation Tips for Working Professionals: CAT Preparation Online Coaching

If you are a working professional, it can be quite difficult for you to manage your time. Well, the good part is Study Break Academy in Kolkata has customized learning plans for all working professionals. As a Full-time working professional, it can be quite tough to crack the CAT exam. However, if you’re following the right approach and time management, things can become significant efficiently. CAT Preparation Online Coaching can be of immense help.

The expert tutors at the best coaching center in Kolkata, from Study Break Academy, have some important tips that can help you prepare for your CAT exam in a better way. Here are some of the efficient tips to follow:

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  • Improve Time Management

As a working professional, you may have experience but not enough time. If you wish to ace your CAT exams, you need to be aware of time management. Right from the beginning of your preparation, you must develop a strong time management strategy. Dividing the time between your work and studies can be of great help in learning time management. 

  • Prioritize Topics

As a full-time employee, it will be difficult for you to cover all the topics because of limited time. Therefore, from the initial stages, you must indulge in prioritizing topics. Topics that you think are difficult to study should need more time, so once you prioritize the topics, learning will eventually be easier for you. 

  • Use technology

As a working professional, you have access to technology, so make sure to use it. You can prepare for CAT online with the help of Study Break Academy. 

As a working professional, you need to be more dedicated than the regular aspirants. Learn more about how to strategize your preparation by clicking here. 

Best CAT Preparation Books: CAT Preparation Online Coaching

The CAT preparation books have an important role in streamlining your preparation. All the aspirants can read these books and prepare for the exam accordingly. When you join the best CAT coaching center in Kolkata, you will come across the best books that will make it easier to prepare for the exam. There are various CAT preparation books available in the market, so making the right choice can be quite overwhelming. The same can also be read online as CAT Preparation Online Coaching is also of help.

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According to professionals at Study Break Academy, below are a few of the best books to prepare for CAT exams:

  • How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT by Arun Sharma

If you’re a CAT aspirant, this book is no less than a Bible for you. This book is the perfect way to score good marks in Quantitative Aptitude. 

  • The Pearson Guide to Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning for CAT by Nishit Sinha

This book can be quite helpful in easing the preparation for VARC. It will help to enhance logical reasoning and verbal ability skills. Furthermore, the book has a wide range of practice questions and solved examples. 

  • The Official Guide for CAT by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC)

The book has all the necessary practice questions and strategies. If you’re looking for a comprehensive overview of the CAT exam, this book can be quite helpful for you. 

Read here to find more important books for CAT preparation. 

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Top Colleges for MBA After CAT

After clearing the CAT exam, you will get an opportunity to study in some of the top institutes of India. These management colleges aim at enhancing the career of students. Some of the top colleges for an MBA after clearing the CAT exam include

Click here to find out more about colleges to enroll in after clearing CAT. 

Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for the CAT Exam: CAT Preparation Online Coaching

Since the exam is quite challenging and overwhelming, aspirants often tend to make some mistakes while preparing for the exam. Here are some of the mistakes they must avoid in order to prepare for the exam in a better way:

  • Lack of proper planning

Planning is one of the most important factors to take care of since the beginning. All aspirants must have a structured plan and stick to it to prepare for the exam. 

  • Neglecting weaker sections

Never avoid any section while preparing for CAT. Whether you’re strong or weak in that section, make sure to have a proper approach to it. This will play an important role in improving well-rounded performance. 

  • Memorization instead of understanding concepts

Rote learning and not understanding the concepts can be one of the biggest mistakes. It is a very counterproductive approach for exams. As an aspirant, you must focus on understanding rather than studying. 

Click here to read more about the mistakes to avoid while preparing for the CAT exam. 

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Q: When will CAT 2023 be conducted?

A: The exact date for CAT 2023 has not been announced yet, but it is usually held in November or December every year.

Q: When should I start CAT 2023 preparation?

A: It’s recommended to start preparing for CAT at least 6-8 months before the exam, which means aspirants should start their preparation in mid-2023.

Q: What is the complete CAT 2023 syllabus? Which is the toughest section of the CAT exam?

A: The complete CAT 2023 syllabus includes three sections: Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR), and Quantitative Ability (QA). The toughest section varies for different aspirants, but generally, DILR is considered the most challenging section.

Q: Can I prepare for CAT on my own?

A: Yes, aspirants can prepare for CAT on their own by studying from the right resources and practicing regularly. However, joining a coaching institute can provide a structured approach to preparation and guidance from experienced mentors.

Q: Is coaching mandatory for scoring 99 percentile in CAT?

A: No, coaching is not mandatory for scoring 99 percentile in CAT. Many aspirants have scored top percentiles by self-studying and practicing regularly.

Q: How many questions are asked in CAT?

A: CAT has a total of 100 questions, with 34 questions in VARC, 32 in DILR, and 34 in QA.

Q: Is there a negative marking for wrong answers in CAT?

A: Yes, there is a negative marking of one-third of the allotted marks for each wrong answer in CAT.

Q: Do PwD candidates get extra time in the CAT exam?

A: Yes, PwD candidates are eligible for extra time in the CAT exam. They get a total of 40 minutes of extra time, which is divided equally among the three sections.

Q: How can I master the VARC section of CAT?

A: To master the VARC section of CAT, aspirants should focus on improving their reading speed, vocabulary, and grammar. Reading regularly and solving RC and grammar-based exercises can also be helpful.

Q: Is practicing sample questions enough to cover the DILR section?

A: No, practicing sample questions may not be enough to cover the DILR section. Aspirants should also focus on developing their logical reasoning and data interpretation skills through a structured approach to preparation.

Q: Which IIM will conduct CAT 2023?

A: The conducting IIM for CAT 2023 has not been announced yet. The responsibility of conducting the exam rotates among the IIMs.

As a part of CAT Preparation Online Coaching, online classes are also available.

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