I am Sumit Kumar Sen, a successful development officer and also the youngest senior business associate of the Life Insurance Corporation of India. I joined this prestigious organization in 2015 and also cleared PNB PO, RRB Assistant, RRB PO, and New India Insurance Assistant. The people behind my success story are Prajnan Ray Sir and Pradip Goswami Sir. I have known them since 2013, and they have put in their best efforts to guide me throughout my preparation.

In my opinion, the key to success is to take more and more mocks at regular intervals, and whatever doubts you have in your mind, you need to clear them out with your mentors. Although I am a B.Tech graduate, my suggestion would be, if you want to score high in all the sections like VA, RC, DI, etc., you need to know some tricks and techniques which you can get from mentors like them, and as the whole game of competitive tests is based on how quickly you can solve the questions, my sincerest advice would be to join Study Break Academy and start preparing. Thank you.