Studying at Study Break Academy is more like a learning experience than putting effort into memorising things. This is amplified when you have some of the best faculty members, who have been in the teaching industry for 10 – 20 years now, help you create a base with new ideas, concepts and tricks. This not only helps me understand the subject matter clearly but also solves questions from the ground up. And what surprises me the most is the almost 24-hour doubt clearing. You don’t just get one or two doubt-clearing classes, but days, weeks and months combined. Be it any medium, over social media (WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook), the phone or Zoom classes, I would just drop my question and any of the available faculty members, would be there to clear it for me. This 24×7 support helps a lot in keeping pace with the class, i.e., you never fall behind with confusion and questions in your mind. Moreover, I have also received support for extracurricular activities, schedule making, study analysis, and personal issues and it never ends.  After everything they do for me, it renders my obligation to not only get the result for me but for them as well. I am lucky to have faculty members like these holding my hands through the path I chose.