CAT for me was the biggest goal of my life and the stalwarts who built up Study Break Academy made sure that I was capable enough to accomplish my goal.  Talking about the expert guidance I received from Prajnan Sir, who happens to be my alum (MDI Gurgaon alma mater), was terrific.  He was ready to extend his schedule to guide his students and I am fortunate to be taught by him. Not just Prajnan Sir, but each and every faculty possesses wonderful expertise that helps to mould us, the students and aspirants, in the best possible way. 

Personally, not just cracking the CAT but the next phase of personal interviews, group exercises and writing assessment tests, was another big hurdle for me. But the guidance I received from Prajnan Sir and other faculties did wonders and I could convert my dream college. Also, not just me but for everyone around me, these stalwarts were the ultimate guide!!! They made sure that each and every student got ample amount of guidance and time to prepare for every kind of exam. 

Needless to say, I have high hopes for Study Break Academy. I am sure the way they have helped students in the past achieve their dreams, will help many others in the future too!