CAT is hailed to be one of the toughest exams in India. To get into the top MBA colleges in India, you must score well in your CAT exam. Logical Reasoning in CAT Exam is an extremely vital section and is of utmost importance. With the CAT exam just a few months away, it can be dreadful to understand how to prepare. You don’t need to let loose ends hang but prepare thoroughly for the exams.

Joining a CAT coaching course at Study Break Academy can relieve you on how to prepare for exams. Since every section is equally important, you will benefit from easy learning with the tutors here. Amongst all sections, Logical Reasoning is a section where you need to put in extra effort to prepare thoroughly. In this blog, we will guide you on easily cracking the Logical Reasoning section. 

Logical Reasoning Section: Logical Reasoning in CAT Exam

In the CAT exam, you usually encounter “all-or-nothing” type questions. These usually deal with the Logical Reasoning section. In Logical Reasoning in CAT Exam, if you crack the first answer, you will easily be able to crack the following answers. For this purpose, you must select the questions carefully. 

At Study Break Academy, our tutors can guide you first on how to select the questions. If you select the right questions, solving the Logical Reasoning section already becomes quite smooth. This will help you learn how to choose rather than wasting your time answering questions. 

Tips to Crack Logical Reasoning: Logical Reasoning in CAT Exam

There are several myths about the CAT exam, but they aren’t true. Logical Reasoning, along with Data Interpretation, carries around 60 marks. In this section, your logical reasoning abilities are tested. So, here are a few tips that can easily help you get a proper understanding of the section:

Never Assume Information

Being overconfident is the killer while you’re answering Logical Reasoning questions. When answering the question, you must be very careful about reading the problem statements. It would help if you never let your prejudice get hold of you. 

First, it is advisable to identify the problem statement from the passage and take notes. Never allow second thoughts to get the best of you while answering the questions. 

CAT Examination: Logical Reasoning in CAT Exam

Calculations are Elementary

One common mistake most people must avoid is doing calculations in logical reasoning questions. You must know that in this section, mathematical calculations are secondary. Rather than wasting your time doing lengthy calculations, you must spend your time wisely. 

If you ever find yourself doing lengthy calculations in a logical reasoning question, you must know it is a problem. This can be a hint that you’re hitting the wrong node. 

Be Careful While Answering Questions

One of the most important things to consider in the Logical Reasoning section is answering the questions. At Study Break Academy in Kolkata, we teach you the art of selecting questions for the CAT exam. You must be extremely careful with question selection when it has quantifiers like “all” or “none”. 

If you ever come across these words, you must know that this cannot be a sign of wrong choices in all cases. They have the probability of appearing in the correct and incorrect choices. Therefore, you must keep your bias aside while answering such questions and preparing.

Focus on Conclusion

The Logical Reasoning passages usually have a conclusion. You should compare and answer them accordingly. When selecting a question, you must check whether it comes with a valid conclusion. 

It is advisable to carefully go on with a conclusion that seems valid to the statement. Some questions may require you to choose an invalid alternative. In this case, you need to select a conclusion that does not follow the information. 

Student of CAT: Logical Reasoning in CAT Exam

Practice Regularly

Practicing regularly is the most convenient way to crack the Logical Reasoning section. Whether it’s the sample papers or the previous year’s question papers, regular practicing can play an essential role in helping you become proficient in solving problems. 

The more you practice, the more you can improve your speed and accuracy in solving problems. Furthermore, you can work on your weaker areas that will strengthen your preparation for the CAT exam

Be Mindful Of Time

Since you must answer the questions within a certain time limit, you need to be extra careful with time management. While writing the answer, if you face any challenge in answering one question, you must move to the other immediately. 

You can come back to solve the difficult question in some time. It would help if you used your time correctly while answering the questions. This will help in maintaining your confidence while answering. Moreover, it is strictly advisable that you’re calm while answering the questions during exams. 

Conclusion: Logical Reasoning in CAT Exam

Logical Reasoning is one of the most critical sections in the CAT exam. However, you must know it is easier than it appears to be if you know how to approach these questions correctly. At Study Break Academy, we provide some of the best tips and tricks for the CAT exam 2023. Whether you want to learn in an offline environment or online, we have the best solutions for you. Do you wish to crack your Logical Reasoning exam? Join us today!