The Common Admission Test (CAT) is a highly competitive exam that opens the door to some of the best business schools in India. Thousands of students apply for the exam every year, but only a few make it to their desired institute. CAT is not just about your analytical skills but also your reading and comprehension abilities which in turn is very helpful in Reading Comprehension of CAT exam

As a student, if you have always loved reading, you are in luck. The mentors at the best CAT coaching institute in Kolkata will guide you on using your love of reading and implementing the same in competitive exam preparation. So, dive into the world of reading and love combined with Study Break Academy to excel in CAT 2023.

Students at SBA: Reading Comprehension section of CAT exam

Why Is Reading Important For CAT Preparation? Reading Comprehension of CAT exam

The CAT exam tests the student’s ability to read and comprehend. The Reading Comprehension (RC) section is a crucial part of the exam and contributes to a significant portion of the total marks. The RC section in CAT requires the student to read and understand a passage and answer questions based on the given information. Therefore, students with good reading skills will likely perform better in this section.

Apart from the RC section, reading is also essential for the Verbal Ability (VA) exam section. This section comprises questions on grammar, vocabulary, and sentence correction. To perform well in this section, students need to understand the English language well, which can only be developed through regular reading. Reading Comprehension section of CAT exam can be a cakewalk.

How Can You Use Your Love For Reading To Prepare For CAT? Reading Comprehension of CAT exam

No matter which exam you appear for, your love for reading can be magic. Different courses by Study Break Academy will help you understand how to harvest your passion for reading to score well in the competitive exam.

Read Newspapers And Magazines

Newspapers and magazines are an excellent source of reading material. Reading newspapers regularly can help you stay updated with current affairs and improve your reading speed. You can start by reading articles about politics, economics, and business. Magazines such as The Economist, Forbes, and Business Today can also help you better understand business and economics.

CAT Preparation: Your Love For Reading Can Get You Desired Result
CAT Preparation: Your Love For Reading Can Get You Desired Result

Read Fiction And Non-Fiction Books

Fiction and non-fiction books can help you improve your vocabulary and comprehension skills. Fiction books can also help you develop critical thinking skills and empathy, which can be useful in the essay writing section of the exam. Non-fiction books can help you understand complex topics such as economics, business, and politics in a more accessible way.

Participate In Reading Groups

Reading groups can help you discuss different perspectives and develop critical thinking skills. Reading groups can also help you discover new books and authors you may have never heard of. You can join online reading groups or form a group with like-minded people.

Take Breaks Between Study Sessions

Taking breaks between study sessions can help you relax and rejuvenate. Reading books during breaks can help you refresh your mind and reduce stress levels. It can also be an excellent way to take your mind off the CAT exam and prevent burnout.

Make Reading A Habit

Making reading a habit can help you improve your overall reading speed and comprehension skills. Start by reading for at least 30 minutes daily and gradually increase the duration. You can also set reading goals for yourself, such as reading one book per week or reading a specific number of pages daily.

Students at SBA: Reading Comprehension section of CAT exam

Tips To Improve Your Reading Speed And Comprehension Skills: Reading Comprehension of CAT exam

Some of the key tips that will enhance your reading speed and comprehension skill for CAT exam preparation are as follows:

Practice Skimming And Scanning

Skimming and scanning are techniques that can help you improve your reading speed. Skimming involves quickly going through the text to get a general idea of the content, while scanning involves looking for specific information. Practice these techniques regularly to improve your reading speed.

Read More

The more you read, the better you will get at it. Reading regularly can help you develop better comprehension skills, vocabulary, and reading speed.

Highlight Key Points

When reading a text, highlight the key points and important information. This can help you remember the main ideas and answer questions based on the given information.

Take Notes

Taking notes while reading can help you remember important information and understand the text better. Write down key points, unfamiliar words, and questions you may have while reading.

Practice Time Management

In the CAT exam, time management is crucial. Therefore, it should be one of the most important parts of your CAT exam plan. Practice reading and answering questions within a given time frame to improve your time management skills.

Conclusion: Reading Comprehension of CAT exam

Reading is an essential skill for CAT preparation. It can help you improve your reading speed, comprehension skills, and vocabulary. Reading newspapers, magazines, fiction and non-fiction books, and solving mock papers can all help you prepare for the CAT exam. Participating in reading groups, taking breaks between study sessions, and making reading a habit can also improve your overall performance. Small things like these can make a huge difference, especially in your exam preparation. So, if you have always loved reading, embrace it and use it to your advantage in your CAT preparation with Study Break Academy.