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A personal interview is a formal discussion between a single interviewer or a group of interviewers (professors of colleges, employees of organizations, industry recruitment experts, alumni etc. ) and an interviewee (aspirant) to check each other’s suitability. Since in many cases, the interviewers are spoilt for choice and the interviewees are not, a personal interview turns out to be an interviewer–questioning and interviewee–answering session.

All organizations and all institutions conduct personal interviews, generally as the final round of their admission processes.

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Everyone has dreams. You must have yours too. But, have you ever taken a step back thinking that the path to realize your dreams is very difficult or working on it is not your cup of tea? Have you ever wished you had someone who could help you with your admission test preparation like your best friend? Ever thought if you could go to them with the silliest of doubts at the most unearthly of hours? If you could ask them the same questions again and again without the slightest fear of getting ridiculed? Well! With proper care and guidance, your preparation is an enjoyable intellectual journey and not something to be afraid of.

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