Pradip Sir was my Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning teacher. Since childhood, I have been average in Maths and I knew for a fact that clearing CAT wouldn’t be easy without acing this section. Here came PG Sir into the picture, who trained me to solve QA questions very logically and without using the pen if possible. He stressed the fact that Mathematics has to be seen very logically and must be lived every moment. Only rigorous practice alone wouldn’t take you there as far as Quantitative Aptitude was concerned. He explained complex topics in a very simple manner and recommended the exact parts I needed to practice out of the plethora of materials that I had. This reduced my study pressure and I was able to prepare with a very light mind for I was required to practice only a limited number of questions which covered mostly all concepts and tricks required to ace this section. 

His LR skills are also commendable. I loved this section and with a person as logical as PG Sir, the guidance he gave me to increase my accuracy and logic, it became a cakewalk for me. 

While GDPI preparation was going on, he was always surrounded by students and I had to literally run after him but it all paid off in the end when he helped me find sensible solutions to the situations that could put me into trouble during the interviews. Like, how to explain my 1-year gap in an acceptable manner and how to project myself as the best candidate despite my poor academic scores. He also taught me how to negotiate with the interviewers to take me if the situation demanded. His suggestions which were extremely logical sometimes made me wonder how someone could be so smart!