My experience with Prajnan Sir was very enlightening. While preparing for the CAT, he handled my Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension section. His expertise lies in explaining difficult and complex verbal concepts in a lucid manner along with easy-to-relate examples. He gave me a very broad view of looking at things by exposing me to various possibilities of what an essay/ premise could mean and how I must go about solving them without making errors. I cannot stress the fact how much it helped me increase my skills in this section by correctly identifying the correct options and being very sure about them.

While preparing for GDPI, I found him to have a lot of experience in dealing with questions that could come from any random topic and how to go about dealing with the ones I was not prepared for (if any). I had a weaker profile compared to most of my friends who had secured GDPI shortlists from IIMs. Along with having poor academic scores, I also had a year drop. It was a matter of grave concern for me. But the rigour I underwent under PR Sir and the kind of suggestions for preparation he gave me not only took me a little ahead of some of my friends but also boosted my confidence and by the time my interview dates arrived, I was hundred per cent sure of converting my IIM calls.