I feel validated in saying that I have had great mentors in my journey, as their guidance did not end with CAT. When I got shortlisted by two of the BLACKIs, I had a lot of help and handholding in preparation for my GDPI. And it didn’t stop there either. Even when I joined IIM Kozhikode, they were available throughout as mentors and friends guiding me through my job interviews, and helping me with decisions like which offer to take. 

IIM opened a few doors and I joined the Tata Administrative Services programme, worked across 6 different sectors, working directly with CEOs; as it happens, it opened many more doors – dreams changed, I changed – I wanted to come to an Ivy League School, I took GMAT in 2019, applied to Harvard, Stanford and Wharton, glad I got through two of them and here I am, doing my second MBA programme, coupled with the joint degree of Master of Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School. 

And I think in the midst of everything that has changed, something which has not is the guidance, mentorship and handholding of my trusted mentors, Prajnan Sir, Pradip Sir, Shubhadeep Sir and Sumanta Sir. Right through the last 9 years, they have been steadfastly with me, helping me solve Quant problems to tackle GDs, and interviews, setting me up with alumni and references from across the schools and the jobs that I was appearing for. I thoroughly think that I have lucked out in my journey. 

But enough about me! Now, it’s your time and time for your story. I wish you the best and pray you get as good mentors as I did. Thanks!