The Quantitative Aptitude (QA) section is an important part of the popular competitive exam, Common Admission Test (CAT) Exam. It is considered one of the most challenging sections of the exam. It tests your ability to solve complex mathematical problems, analyze data, and interpret graphs. The QA section requires various skills, including numerical ability, speed, and accuracy. 

If you are planning to appear for the CAT exam, you must prepare well for the QA section to score well. For this purpose, you will need expert guidance, so you must join a CAT exam preparation centre. Study Break Academy in Kolkata can ensure you are well-prepared for your upcoming CAT exams. Below are some efficient tips that will allow you to ace the QA section in no time.

Practice Regularly For The Competitive Exam

Practice is the key to success in the QA section of the CAT exam. Solve as many practice questions as possible. This will help you improve your speed and accuracy. Start with easy questions and gradually move to more complex ones. Take mock tests to evaluate your performance and identify areas of improvement. Analyze your mistakes and learn from them.

Learn Shortcut Methods To Use During The Competitive Exam

The QA section of the popular competitive exam, CAT requires you to solve complex problems within a limited time. Learning shortcut methods can help you save time and solve problems quickly. For example, the Vedic Math method can help you solve complex problems in a few seconds. Learn these methods and practice them regularly to improve your speed and accuracy.

Improve Your Mental Calculation Skills

The QA section of the CAT exam tests your mental calculation skills. You need to be able to perform calculations quickly and accurately in your mind. Practice mental calculation techniques like approximation, squaring, and cube roots. This will help you save time during the exam.

Analyze Data Effectively

The QA section of the CAT exam also tests your ability to analyze data. You need to interpret graphs, charts, and tables quickly and accurately. Practice analyzing data from different sources and learn how to extract relevant information. This will help you solve data interpretation problems quickly and accurately.

Avoid Silly Mistakes During The Competitive Exam

Silly mistakes can cost you valuable marks in the QA section of the CAT exam. Ensure you read the questions carefully and understand them before attempting to solve them. Double-check your calculations with the help of your tutor and make sure you have not missed any steps. Check your answers and make sure they are accurate.

Stay Calm And Focused During The Competitive Exam

The CAT exam can be stressful, but it is important to stay calm and focused during the exam. Do not panic if you encounter a difficult problem. Take a deep breath and try to solve the problem calmly. If you get stuck, move on to the next question and return to it later. Stay focused and avoid distractions during the exam. If you are well-versed in your time management skills, staying calm and focused wouldn’t be a problem.

Use The Online Calculator Wisely

The competitive exam i.e CAT allows you to use an online calculator for the QA section. However, it is important to use it wisely. Do not rely too much on the calculator; try to perform calculations mentally wherever possible. The calculator can also be a source of distraction, so use it only when necessary. However, in the initial stages, it is advisable that you stick to manual calculation.


Revise the topics regularly to keep them fresh in your mind. Do not leave the revision for the last minute. Set aside time every day to revise the topics you have covered. This will help you retain and recall the information quickly during the exam.

Seek Help

If you are struggling to understand any topic, do not hesitate to seek help. You can ask your teachers, mentors, or fellow students for help. Join online forums or discussion groups to interact with other CAT aspirants and learn from their experiences. You can also hire a tutor or join a coaching institute for professional guidance and support.

Read Newspapers And Magazines

Reading newspapers and magazines can help you improve your analytical skills and stay updated with current affairs. The QA section of the CAT exam may include questions related to current events, so it is important to stay informed. Read articles on business, finance, and economics to improve your knowledge and understanding.


The QA section of the CAT exam is a challenging but essential part. With the proper preparation and strategy, you can ace this section and score well in the exam. Follow these tips and tricks to improve your performance in the QA section of the CAT exam and achieve your dream of getting into a top management institute. If you need additional help in terms of guidance for exams, Study Break Academy can be your savior.